To have Christian hope is to know about evil and yet meet the future with confidence.
— Joseph Ratzinger

My three siblings and I grew up in Atlanta under the watchful eyes of a beautiful Cuban germaphobe, a philosophical Georgia boy, and a curmudgeonly miniature schnauzer.

I then followed my hunky high school boyfriend to UVa and studied Religious Studies and Drama. It was also there that I discovered improv comedy, which I still love to teach.

Eventually, I headed for D.C. to get a master's in theology with absolutely no clue as to how hard it would be. Two years later, I returned to Atlanta (married to the hunk) to teach junior high and high school theology with ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE how hard it would be (hi, cougars).

All of that has led me to this moment in my life, reaching out to middle school children with inspiring stories full of humor and hope. I am represented by the lovely Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency, and we are currently pitching my debut novel to editors. Wish us luck!


Unless previously approved, you may not call me "Em." If you are a blood relative, you may call me "Emmie." If you are a college friend, you might call me "Tabasco" or "Ice Queen" (unfortunate remnants of my judgmental phase of which I assure you I am completely cured). If you are a student, call me Mrs. Jeffries until it gets weird for both of us. If you are anyone else, you can call me basically anything else, because I'm so happy you visited my site.

I hope you'll follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and that you'll invite me into your inboxes once a month with an entertaining update on my writerly life (see subscription button below).

Keep reading timeless stories. They remind you that you're soul is on an adventure!



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