In 2014, I quit teaching theology full time to pursue a career in writing hopeful fiction. Building a new skill set from scratch is rough going, but I'm happy to put in the work for a job I love. Here are a few things I've got in the works.

  • THE FORGOTTEN SEER: After 200 years of peace, Glademont is under attack by a lava-spewing crow and his puppet king - all because 16yo Tess couldn't keep her secret. (YA Fantasy, 100,000 words) Read full novel on wattpad!

  • THE MIDWAYS: This BRCMWC 2017 Foundations Award Winner follows a Latina juvenile delinquent and her gang of lost boys, who must break three convicts out of prison or be forced to finish their time in juvie. (YA Contemporary, in progress)

  • THE COWBIRD EGG: Shortlisted for the 2015 The Write Practice Short Story Contest, The Cowbird Egg follows St. Francis to Africa where he helps a devoted mother mockingbird with a moral dilemma. (Fable, 1400 words)

  • TO THE BOTTOM, ANGIE GIRL: A southern short story about an elderly mother whose off-beat granddaughter comes to rescue her from a bleak fate in a nursing home. (Contemporary,1000 words)

  • BLINDING LACE: According to the "winged man," one of three mountain sisters will die in the evening. How will they spend their last day together? (Fable, 2000 words)  

  • SUNDAY WITH RUTHIE: Little Ruthie doesn't mind her Sunday school classmates staring at her anymore. Anne Shirley is loads better for a study partner, anyway. (MG Contemporary, 1350 words)

  • 10 YEARS OUT: Addie Coleridge attends her ten year reunion for her posh, southern high school. While drunk ex-boyfriends make her miserable, she crafts social media posts to portray the perfect night. (Contemporary, 1350 words)

  • THE HAIRCUT: A trip to the salon gives a meek Latin teacher the gumption she needs to confront a cheeky new faculty member with designs to take over Latin Club. (Contemporary, 1750 words)

If you'd like to see a sample of my work, or if you'd like me to read some of yours, send me a note via my Contact Page. I'd be happy to swap ideas!

Slaving away with my butt in the chair. When is Nigel bringing tea?

Slaving away with my butt in the chair. When is Nigel bringing tea?