A Helpful List of Book Business Resources

This is a 3-Part Series! Ooooh!

When I first started researching how to write and publish a book, I created bookmark tabs at the top of my web browser: Writing, Publishing, and Platform Building. Dozens of articles have been filed away up there. I am looking at them right ... now. 

Oddly enough, the first topic into which I seriously plunged was publishing. In my mind, having gone to good schools, and then assigned more than a few papers at an upper school, I had the writing part down. I was wrong, of course, but I would still recommend looking into the publishing process before deciding for sure whether to write. It gave me a sense of urgency, and forced me to look realistically at how long the process would take. In short, it's just a good way to set expectations. 

Next week, I will dish out some great sites and blogs for improving your writing. The following week, instead of giving you resources on building a platform (because that topic way stresses me out and clearly I am getting nowhere with it), I will offer some sites that help me stay balanced and focused and not crazy.

Aaaaanyway ...

Photo cred: Foter.com

Photo cred: Foter.com

According to my brimming web browser bookmark tab, here are my top sites for learning the ropes of the Book Business World.

Writer's Digest -- I have mentioned elsewhere on Sheepgate that this is where it all started for me. Countless resources, and great webinars to get your feet wet. In my opinion, a webinar is worth the investment. Be sure to choose one that includes a critique of your writing from an industry professional.

The Write Life -- Features such helpful pages as "Freelance", "Self-Publishing", and "Get Published". Bonus: it's a beautiful website.

Author Jane Friedman's Blog -- Specifically, this article on how to get published. A polished and easy-to-use website where you can also purchase her how-to book on publishing.

ALLI Self-Publishing Blog -- I've not gotten far enough into trying for traditional publishing to consider self-publishing. It is generally recommended to try the former before the latter. But this blog is great for those ready to self-publish. Crucially, it includes advice for book design, production, and promotion.

Query Shark -- Is. Everything. Not every agent is going to agree with Janet Reid. But, I mean she is a respected literary agent who actually takes time to answer questions on her very active blog. That is a thousand points in her favor. She will not only critique queries for all to see, she will look at third and fourth drafts. Disclaimer: her websites are pretty ugly. But she's Janet Reid and she can do that.

Elizabeth Spann Craig -- An author who I have also mentioned before, and is particularly wonderful to follow on Twitter. She will scour the internet for great writing articles so that you don't have to.

So, what am I missing? Any writers out there care to suggest sites that have shaped your understanding of the Book Business World? I'll send a bushel of fresh mint to anyone who comments below (probably)!

Next week, for part two of this exciting series, we will look at great sites for helping develop the craft of writing. Can you hardly wait? Can you??