My First NaNoWriMo ... See You In December!

Hello loyal subjects I mean friends!

You won't hear from me for a while. Not because Husband Hill thinks I spend to much time blogging and not enough time writing (okay that's partly true), but because I am a first time participant in ...

National Novel Writing Month!

Also known as NaNoWriMo because that's much easier to say if you are Jar Jar Binx.

Rough outline of THE MIDWAYS broken down by acts and POV. Plus my very short fingers.

Rough outline of THE MIDWAYS broken down by acts and POV. Plus my very short fingers.

Since January, I have been outlining, storygrid-ing, and Snowflake Method-ing the snot out of my second novel, THE MIDWAYS. And I sure hope it pays off because the challenge of NaNoWriMoBeepop is to write 50,000 words in one month.

50,000 words!

It's not technically a full novel length, but that's the word limit that the writing demi-god bloggers established as the threshold for winning NaNo. Mo. Dra-ma (name that tune). So I am officially off the grid starting November 1st. After I post my Sheepgate Book Club video of course,

Hint: I LOVED THIS MONTH'S BOOK SO MUCH AND I'M SO EMBARRASSED ABOUT IT. It's a time travel romance. I bought the next book in the series. I can't talk about it right now. 

In other exciting writer news, I will be getting back the edited manuscript of TESS AND THE TRINKET from a completely WONDERFUL writer friend of mine who I met through a writing contest. I have seen a sample of his edits and, let me tell you, mind blown. Guess I'll have to find time to edit T&T while writing 15,000 words a week ...

In other other exciting writer news, several very generous beta readers are currently going through T&T and I am biting my fingers to the nub waiting for their thoughts! Aaaaahhh!!

Well, thank you for reading this blog post brought to you by 17 year old Emily, which really was my best year any way so what I meant to say was: You're welcome.

See you in December! 



Husband Hill so Handsome.

Husband Hill so Handsome.