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Classic Film Stars and the Art of Femininity, Pt. 2

When was the last time you watched Joan Crawford delight in something? She seems so calculated, as though life were one long chess game. She doesn't strike me as the type of woman who stops to smell the roses. There can be a lot of appeal to this kind of woman -- the allure of an icy, unshakable queen who reigns supreme. And that's cool, if that's your thing. But characteristic of the classically feminine? Maybe of the classical feminine villain. Oooh! That would be a fun blog post ...

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Writing Brings Out the Worst In Me

t's a difficult thing: deciding whether a career is good for you. If there's no glamor in it, we wonder why we aren't chasing our dreams. If there's no money in it, we enviously scroll through facebook pictures of friends with newly minted graduate degrees. If there's glitz and money in it, but no chicken soup for the soul ... well, frankly, I wouldn't know what that's like. But, I can imagine those people also can feel there's something better out there.

The trick is to analyze unhappiness.

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