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Should Boys be Swayed by Emotion? C.S. Lewis Thought So

In Lewis’s era, intellectuals professed all reality to be subject to the rational mind. Emotion was seen as a threat to the supremacy of rationality. To Lewis’s horror, educators in the 1940s were deciding that “the best thing they [could] do is to fortify the minds of young people against emotion” (Abolition of Man, Broadman & Holman Publishers, 27).  (These days, we suffer the opposite: intellectuals promote emotion as the sole compass by which humans should conduct themselves. Emotion is king. But that is for another post.)

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The Problem of the Christian Artist: Popularity vs. Mediocrity

It's not that I want to fight fire with fire, and drum up millions of dollars to produce a "Passion of the Christ II". I simply feel that art touches a place in the soul that no other experience can. If our spiritual lives exist apart from that place, then our relationships with God and man are seriously lacking. Therefore, I almost agree with Mark Judge: artists need to be drawn to the Church so they can share their gifts with art-starved Christians.

Here is what I suggest: 

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