Two Agents Requested to See My Book!

As I'll blog about tomorrow, I wandered into a mysterious thing called a "Pitch Party" on Twitter last weekend, with fairly good results. I learned that I have a lot to learn about pitching. BUT, even with my mediocre attempts at pitching TESS AND THE TRINKET in fewer than 140 characters, two benevolent agents found it in their hearts to ask for more. That's encouraging, right? 

The first agent who favorited my tweet (the indicator that she would like me to submit my work to her) is Kisa Whipkey with REUTS publications. Their submission process was unique, because they had a form to fill out, rather than emailing someone directly. I'm thinking my story is a little too clean for their liking, but who knows. They requested my first ten pages. Then Editor Adair, not knowing what a Pitch Party was, favorited my tweets. God bless Editor Adair, because I think that put my tweet just a bit above the cut and caught the eye of big time agent, Michelle Witte with Mansion Street Literary! I stayed up until midnight painstakingly going over every detail of my submission to Michelle. Again, first ten pages + a query. I'm just happy she was remotely interested.

Now what, you ask? Now I continue working as I have been. These kinds of submissions take months and months to actually get in front of the agents, who are constantly drowning in "the slush pile". Hopefully, one of them will take the time to respond. And, if it's a rejection, they might be kind enough to offer a few coveted words of feedback. We shall see.

BTW, 36,000 words down! Word to your mother.