Husbands Come in Handy

This past week, Hill and I went to a really fun wedding in southern California. While I complained about "fake air" and snacked incessantly on the plane, Hill spent every moment proof-reading the first sixty pages of the manuscript. He uses a super official style of editing that they use in lawyer offices. But, I bet they don't write sweet and encouraging notes at those big, fancy firms! 

A sample of Husband Hill's Handiwork.

A sample of Husband Hill's Handiwork.

Also written on the first page is, "Note to Author - You are so pretty and smart! This is really great!"

Who can argue with that?

So my goal this week is to make Husband proud by working like the devil on my latest edits. Currently entering Chapter 21 edits into the computer. Also looking forward to another Writers Corner with my BFF/editor! Life is good.

If you've been looking for favorite excerpts, tune in next week! I'll have a fresh one up and ready for ya :)