Big Changes to the End of the Book

This week, I am working on implementing some dramatic changes that Editor Adair and I made to the structure of the last few chapters. Of course, I'm bummed that I didn't write the perfect ending the first time, but it feels so good to have an outline that makes sense!

I've learned that, if I didn't like writing it, it will never jive with the rest of the story. All Editor Adair had to ask me was, "Are there any parts of the story that you don't like?" for me to be like, "Yeah! Let's change that!"

So, T&T has gone from 30 chapters to 35. The point of view of the big battle scene is going to shift from Tess to her little brother Ryon, and I've got to write a new chapter in which Tess uses her spiritus in the most epic way yet. Can I do it? Yes, I can! Will this manuscript be still under revisions by the time I turn 40? Maybe!!

Also, the word count is still an uphill battle. But, while I am writing in new material, Editor Adair and Husband Hill are resolutely striking through extraneous sentences and words from chapters 1-30. 

It's going to be fine. Right? Yeah. It'll be fine.