Slashing Words and Taking Names

Last Friday, Editor Adair came over for another epic editing session. Using the method of balancing the Acts of the manuscript, explained here, she and I had targeted four chapters that needed serious slimming down. Editor Adair shared her word slashing ideas with me for FIVE HOURS, and in that time we got through one chapter and eliminated 1600 words. <Insert high-five emoji here> I told everyone I saw about it for at least three days. Did they know what in the world I was talking about? Probably not. But to give you an idea, the chapter itself was originally 6,000 words. Without taking out any plot, characters, world-building, or other essentials, we trimmed off 27% of the chapter. As Husband Hill pointed out, it makes one hopeful that the other 28,000 words will fall away soon ... um let's not think about that.

This week, I am still re-writing the climax of the battle scene. It will be much stronger, I hope, with a more satisfying protagonist vs. antagonist showdown. Writing new content, however, is always scary. It means that the fresh prose needs to be combed through as much as all the other prose, which will take some time. 

Time, time! You fickle mistress. That's from Hamlet, I'm almost positive.

BTW, I am hopeful that beta reader time is fast approaching. If you are interested in looking over my manuscript and offering your thoughts, please send me a message using the "Contact Me" form. I would be more than happy to send you the draft when it's ready! 

Keep me in your prayers.