Starting to Look at Conferences!

Husband and I had a talk over the weekend about ways to keep from despairing in the face of all the endless edits and seemingly insurmountable hurdles between me and authorship. Something we came up with was establishing a date to be working toward, and that means writers conferences. A few conferences I'm looking at are one in August, here in Atlanta (definitely will NOT be ready with a polished manuscript by then, but could be a great way to establish local writing connections); one in Birmingham in October (downside: I've already heard the speaker), and another in February in Atlanta. 

At all of these, a particular literary agent that I have been stalking will be in attendance. I am convinced that we are destined to be together, but I get the feeling writers say that all too often. I will post here as soon as we commit to a conference! They are a phenomenal opportunity to learn about the craft and make connections that can lead to representation. 

In other news, the word count for the manuscript is still the most immediate problem to tackle. I have finished the refurbished final chapters, and just have one more chapter to tweak before I can focus completely on tightening the whole thing. I am changing a chapter's setting from a redbud grove to an ancient chapel ... oooooo! At least I'm excited.