Back to the Beginning

I have rounded a corner! I am hoping that in two months, TESS AND THE TRINKET will be ready for beta readers! 

Cue the very tiny, almost inaudible trumpets.

Ok it sounds like a very small, very slow hurdle. But I am feeling good about it. I completed what I hope is my last rewrite, and now I am going back through the whole manuscript and slashing needless words. In the past month, almost 7,000 words have already been removed, and without any cuts to plot, character, etc. Amazing, right? I know. 

If you are interested in what this self-editing process looks like, here is a fabulous article I tweeted last week that will give you an idea:

"21 Self Editing Secrets"

I think I am long overdue for an excerpt of the week. Comin' atchya next week! Can't wait to dazzle you with extremely tight prose.



Emily H. JeffriesComment